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Our Family Taking Care of Yours

At Baxter Health, we strive to help children grow and nurture their emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Our staff serves the needs of our young patients in a safe, caring environment. Because we recognize how a sick or injured child affects the entire family, we will be there for you throughout your child’s hospital stay. As a parent, you can work with our pediatricians as part of the team to ensure a healthy future for them.

Pediatric Services We Offer

Our goal at Baxter Health is to address your child’s health through patient-centered care focused on your child’s physical health and overall needs. We provide the following pediatric services:

  • Wellness checks and physicals
  • Pediatric emergency services
  • Removal of foreign bodies
  • Chronic conditions management
  • Immunizations and vaccines
  • Family education and support
  • And more

Appointment Preparation Tips for Parents

You can make the most of your child’s pediatrician visit with a little advanced preparation. By making notes beforehand, your pediatrician can address all your concerns about your child’s health and development, including any behavioral changes. Your pediatrician may discuss any number of things with you about your child, from their growth and development, as well as any challenges they face in everyday life. Be sure to ask anything that comes to mind, and our healthcare professionals will offer expert advice.

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