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Surgery & Joint Pain Recovery

man exercising with a coachOrthopedic rehabilitation is a special program designed to help patients overcome joint pain and recover from surgery. During this comprehensive program, you work closely with a specially trained instructor who guides you through safe, low impact exercises intended to loosen the muscles and restore your full range of motion. In many cases, rehabilitation combined with other non-invasive treatments is enough to remedy a patient’s condition and eliminate their need for surgery.

At Baxter Health, we work with experienced and dedicated rehabilitation professionals trained in some of the most effective exercises and stretches for relieving bone and join pains. Even if you have already had surgery, you may still benefit from rehabilitation as it can speed up the recovery process.

What to Expect

No one aside from your rehabilitation trainer can tell you exactly what to expect from this program. This is because every patient works with their trainer to create a personalized training routine catering to their specific needs.

Generally, orthopaedic rehabilitation will entail the following:

  • An assessment of your current condition and what areas need strengthening
  • Creating a routine that is both manageable and acceptable to the patient and trainer
  • Discussing what the patient can do at home to help speed up their recovery outside of rehab
  • Attending rehab twice a week, or however many times is deemed most useful by the medical staff, and what the patient feels comfortable with
  • Light exercises that should not cause intense pain or discomfort
  • Working towards the patient’s individual goals for mobility and independence

During rehab, your physical therapist will maintain regular contact with your primary care physician so they can stay updated on your progress. These two will be working together to track your progress and ensure that rehabilitation is yielding the results that it should.

We Want to Help

Joint pains and difficulty moving are something that can bother you every day. We know how frustrating these conditions can be and want to help you overcome. Our medical staff fully explores a patient’s every option for the fastest, safest, and most effective route to recovery. From physical therapy, to surgery, to medication, we make sure our patients receive the treatment they need.

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