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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Helping Patients Breath Easy

To learn more about our pulmonary rehabilitation program or our many services, call (870) 508-1569.

The pulmonary rehabilitation program at Baxter Health provides effective, compassionate, and personalized medical services to all our patients. The program is intended to help diminish our patients’ breathing problems, control the symptoms of their conditions, and improve their functionality in day-to-day activities by using educational programs, exercise training, and behavioral changes. Furthermore, our pulmonary rehabilitation program may help patients reduce the amount of time they spend in hospitals, and increase their chances of living longer.

Our Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

Our pulmonary rehabilitation team includes a wide range of medical experts who are all effective and compassionate. Our team includes respiratory therapists, exercise specialists, social workers, occupational therapists, dietitians, mental healthcare providers, physicians, and physical therapists. We all work in conjunction with one another to determine your best course of action for treatment and rehabilitation. With Baxter Health, you don’t just have a doctor supporting you; you have an entire team.

The main goals of the Baxter Health pulmonary rehabilitation program are to help patients:

  • Learn about disease management and apply it properly
  • Reduce their dependence on medical professionals and expensive medical resources
  • Learn about their condition, coping strategies, and treatment options
  • Diminish and manage breathing difficulties and their symptoms
  • Improve their health-related behaviors like quitting smoking, eating well, and exercising often

Our comprehensive program is comprised of exercise and education sessions, three days per week for six weeks. These sessions are made up of one hour of education in a group setting and one and a half hours of supervised exercise training. Most patients discover that as their exercising techniques get better their motivation to work harder increases as well. This usually results in our patients reporting increased self-esteem and a regained sense of confidence in themselves and their breathing abilities. After our patients complete our rehabilitation program, they work with our medical professionals to develop a long term maintenance and improvement program that they can continue for the future.

Comprehensive & Effective

Our medical experts offer individual education sessions for patients who are experiencing excessive difficulties and may need extra help managing their health problems. These sessions may include programs to encourage patients to stop smoking, exercise programs for patients who want to create a personal exercise regimen, a physical therapists to help patients who are experiencing bodily problems, a psychologist or social worker for patients with mental health problems, a dietitian for patients who want to improve their eating habits, and a respiratory therapist for patients who want advice on medicine, treatments, and inhalers.

The patient will undergo a supervised exercise stress test at the start and finish of the rehabilitation program to assist our medical professionals in tracking their progress. Patients will also conduct a spirometry test to determine your lung’s abilities and capacity.

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