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Speech Therapy

Rehabilitation Services in South Central Missouri

Call us at (870) 508-1560 to learn more about our speech therapy services.

Baxter Health’s speech therapy program offers proficient, compassionate, and individualized medical services to all our patients. Our therapists have extensive experience with helping patients gain or regain their ability to speak properly. In a world that is driven by our ability to effectively communicate with one another, speaking properly is one of the most important abilities one could have. Our vast resources, in-depth medical knowledge, and drive to succeed are unparalleled. Our therapists will prescribe a treatment plan designed to be effective and customized just for you. At Baxter Health, you are never just a patient; you’re family.

Our speech therapy program effectively addresses and helps treat:

  • Articulation disorders and problems with fluency or voice
  • Children who are experiencing developmental delays
  • Patients who suffer from swallowing difficulties
  • Facial or oral problems due to surgery, trauma, or neurological conditions
  • Problems with comprehending or expressing written or spoken language
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