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Occupational Therapy

Treating Workers in our Community

To contact our occupational services and physicians, call Baxter Health Rehab Services at (870) 508-1560 today.

Baxter Health strives to help all workers regain their ability to work and reduce their risk of further sustaining other injuries or illnesses. In order to achieve this, the rehabilitation services department at Baxter Health now offers employer and employees an occupational medicine program. Through work conditioning, physical therapists at Baxter Health help rehabilitate workers, return them to their occupation, and reduce the risk of further injury.

Several common and significant benefits of occupational medicine include:

  • Reduce workers’ compensation claims
  • Reduce expenses related to employee injuries and illness
  • Lower the rate of lost workdays
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Reduce absenteeism

What Our Occupational Health Specialists Do

At Baxter Health, our occupational health physicians are exceedingly knowledgeable about the potential hazards in employees’ workplaces. We are able to use this knowledge and help diagnose exactly what is causing your injury or illness. Your injury could be as straightforward and easy to diagnose as a fractured bone, but it could also be complicated and difficult to detect like exposure to a certain chemical. Our occupational health specialists have extensive experience with this area of study and we have encountered nearly every type of work injury and illness you can imagine. Over the past 54 years, we have successfully treated and rehabilitated countless patients, allowing them to return to work happy and healthy.

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