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Women's Health Care

Specialized Treatment for Women of All Ages

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For information about the Women & Newborn Care Center,
call (870) 508-2300, or email WNCC Director Amy Myers, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, at

Until recently, women’s healthcare predominantly focused on reproductive issues while medical research largely ignored other critical healthcare areas. Now, however, much attention is being placed on specific health issues affecting women, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and osteoporosis.

Women are now taking more responsibility for their own health and health education. Due to heightened awareness of disease prevention and healthy lifestyle choices, women are living longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives. Also, in partnership with their doctors, many women are becoming active managers of their own healthcare.

Proficient and Compassionate Medical Services

The skilled doctors and staff at Baxter Health can help you develop and maintain positive healthcare habits that will stay with you for your entire life. Regardless of your age, the Women & Newborn Care Center can customize a healthy living plan to suit your needs. Staying healthy means you will need to be committed and possibly use some help throughout the process. Healthcare problem awareness will be important information for you to have. No matter your medical condition, the Women & Newborn Care Center at Baxter Health offers solutions and smart steps to a healthier and happier you.

Baxter Health Women & Newborn Care Center

Our Women & Newborn Care Center is designed to meet the unique and special health needs of women of all ages, ranging from prenatal care to childbirth to gynecological surgery. The renovated Women & Newborn Care Center opened in December, 2013, boasting the latest technology focusing on patient-centered care. The unit features 10 state-of-the-art labor and delivery rooms, renovated postpartum rooms, 2 new triage exam rooms, recovery room, physicians’ lounge, nurses’ lounge, remodeled waiting room as well as a larger, completely renovated nursery, new nurse call system, and fetal monitoring system.

The Women & Newborn Care Center is now completely secure, with visitors provided access to enter and exit the unit, providing the most protection for our smallest patients and their families.

Baxter Health Comprehensive Women's Clinic

To contact Baxter Health Comprehensive Women’s Clinic, call (870) 508-3260 or email Jodi Moore, Office Manager, at

Whether you need routine gynecological services or are preparing for the birth of a new child, Baxter Health can help. Our women's health specialists are dedicated to keeping our patients informed and healthy - from prenatal care to menopause and everything in between. We form a partnership with you and your family that’s dedicated exclusively to your unique healthcare needs.

Baxter Regional Comprehensive Women's Clinic, the full-services office of Dr. Maureen Flowers is part of the Baxter Health network of clinics offering the very best care for women of all ages.

Services provided include:

  • Full obstetrical services
  • Lactation consultation
  • Well woman exam
  • Osteopathic manipulation
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Initial infertility workup
  • Contraception
  • Family planning
  • Postmenopausal treatment
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Minimally invasive surgery - davinci® surgical system

When to Visit Your Gynecologist

You should visit your gynecologist once a year for different health screenings. Not every trip to the gynecologist needs to be the same. While it is good practice to receive a general exam once a year, if you do not have a high risk of breast or cervical cancer you will only need a pelvic exam and Pap smear every 3 to 5 years, depending on your age and medical condition.

Talk with your gynecologist about how often you should receive gynecological exams. Many physicians have different opinions on this issue, so it is important that you SPEAK UP to let your doctor know what you’re comfortable with.

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