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Memorials & Honorariums

Honor Your Loved Ones through a Healthcare Donation

As a donator to the Baxter Health Foundation, you can choose to make a gift that honors a treasured friend or loved one. There are two ways of doing this: Gifts in Memory and Gifts in Honor.

  • Gifts in Memory – A memorial gift is a donation made in the name of a deceased individual. Many choose to make these donations on behalf of someone who strongly supported the community, or benefitted greatly from the services of Baxter Health before their passing. These gifts will both honor those you have lost and contribute to medical advancements for the medical center so others can benefit from improved healthcare. The family of the deceased will receive an acknowledgement card after the donation has been accepted. This card will make no mention of the amount donated in their name.
  • Gifts in Honor – You can honor a relative, friend, or even an organization by donating to Baxter Health. Upon making a donation, you will be able to designate who you would like to honor, and a card will be sent to the honoree; the amount of the donation will not be mentioned on the card. These gifts are often used to commemorate special events like birthdays and anniversaries, but you can choose to make the donation at any time.

For more information on memorial and honorary gifts, call the Baxter Health Foundation at (870) 508-1770.