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Baxter Health's Hospitalists are expertly trained physicians that provide excellent care to our patients that require admission to our hospital. Whether you come in for an in-patient procedure, testing or diagnostic exam, our Hospitalists make sure you are given the best possible care.

What is a Hospitalist?

A Hospitalist, unlike a Primary Care Physician, does not have regular office hours and does not provide regular check-ups to patients. Hospitalists are responsible for providing care to patients who have been admitted to the hospital and consults on medical records and diagnosis from primary or specialty care physicians. Baxter Health Hospitalists are YOUR advocate during your stay at Baxter Health and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will make sure that all information is readily available to the physicians who will continue your care after your stay, and while you may not get to know them as well as your Primary Care Provider, they are just as committed to providing excellent care to every patient, every time.

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