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Shared Governance

Magnet Designated since June 2021

Shared Governance supports and encourages a dynamic partnership between nursing and leadership. Professional nursing practice is facilitated through the empowerment, encouragement, and teamwork of Shared Governance activities and the solicitation of staffs' voices in shared decision-making and innovation in a performance improvement framework. Collaboration promotes shared decision-making and accountability by empowering all members of the healthcare workforce to have an active voice in issues that impact all aspects of the work environment. Satisfied individuals take ownership of their decisions and work to improve patient outcomes.

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Shared Governance consists of Unit-Based Councils (UBC) and Divisional Councils. These councils meet monthly to talk about standardization and improvement of practice, development, safety, quality, and evidence-based research.

Shared Governance Officers:

  • CNO - Shannon Nachtigal, MSN, RN, NEA-BC
  • Magnet Program Director & Director Clinical Excellence - Linda Latting, DNP, MSN, RN - Nursing Administration
  • Practice Chair - Hannah Blasdel, BSN, RN - Nurse Educator, Education Department
  • Practice CoChair - Rhonda Bagwell, BSN, RN - Clinical Nurse, ICU
  • Development Chair - Jennifer Bohrtz, BSN, RN, CWCN, WCC - Wound Nurse, Nursing Administration
  • Development CoChair - Ruth Clontz, ADN, RN - Clinical Nurse, 4S
  • Safety/Quality Chair - Allison Carter, ADN, RN–Clinical Nurse, Pre-Surgical Testing
  • Safety/Quality CoChair - Nancy Satterfield, ADN, RN - Home Care Coordinator, BRMC Home Health
  • New Knowledge & Innovation Chair - Robert Lee, ADN, RN - Clinical Nurse, Endoscopy
  • New Knowledge & Innovation CoChair - Jacquie Sands, MSN, RN, AGPCNP – Clinical Nurse, ICU

Nursing Divisional Councils include:

  • Practice Council – Ensures nursing practice is evidence-based and consistent with professional standards. Subcommittees: Nursing Division Standards.
  • Development Council – Focuses on the professional growth of nursing staff, promoting advanced degrees, certifications, and recruitment/retention. Subcommittee: Nurse’s Week
  • Safety/Quality Council – Identifies, reviews, and analyzes nurse-sensitive indicators, national patient safety goals, and patient satisfaction. Subcommittees: Fall Prevention Team, Pressure Injury Prevention Team
  • New Knowledge & Innovation Council – Ignites a spirit of inquiry to create, nurture, and support a culture of evidence-based practice in nursing.
  • Coordinating Council – Consists of the Divisional Co-Chairs who are responsible for the bylaws of Shared Governance and identify gaps and duplication within the councils.
  • Leadership Council – Nursing Leadership Team collaborates with Divisional Chairs to provide support and remove barriers.
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