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Senior Health Care

Medical Services for Elderly Patients

Baxter Health caters to the unique medical needs of seniors age 65 and older. Seniors are more susceptible to medical conditions, and in turn, they can have more extreme reactions to various treatments. Our physicians take the time to know their patient’s medical history inside and out before making any major decisions regarding their care. Many medical conditions work as warning symptoms of more serious problems down the road if action is not taken. We provide patients with treatment and care that will yield results quickly with long-term health benefits.

Planning for the Long-Term

Continuity in care becomes more and more important the older you get. A doctor needs to be familiar with your medical history in order to understand what kind of health conditions you may face in the future. Your lifestyle, family history, and illness history all play a role in what kind of medical care you will need as you age.

A geriatric medicine assessment includes:

  • Memory function
  • Medication needs
  • Fall assessment
  • Nutritional screening
  • Potential for injury
  • Cancer risk assessment
  • Heart and lung function assessment

The older we get, the more important it becomes to have a relationship with a primary care physician that can quickly respond to a medical emergency due to their experience with your medical history.

Quality Care Close to Home

Geriatric medicine services in North Central Arkansas are available at several Baxter Health clinics, specifically the Baxter Health Fairlamb Senior Clinic. The Baxter Health Fairlamb Senior Clinic is conveniently located on the Baxter Health campus, across Hospital Drive from the Baxter Health Main Entrance. The Mruk Family Education Center of Aging is a unique resources for area seniors, offering free support, programs and services for older adults and their families.

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