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Diabetes Care

Click here for more information, or call (870) 508-1765 to contact program coordinator Jodi Bodenhamer.

Work With Knowledgeable Diabetes Experts

Diabetes is a serious condition that is currently incurable, but it can be controlled. When you have diabetes, your body doesn’t properly use the energy from the food that you eat. This causes your blood sugar to be too high. It has been proven that controlling blood sugar can reduce complications from diabetes. The following tools are useful for controlling diabetes:

  • Knowledge of diabetes
  • Appropriate meal plans
  • Regular exercise
  • Correct medication
  • Blood-sugar monitoring
  • Behavioral change goals
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring
  • Insulin Pumps

At Baxter Health, we provide educational resources for individuals and families on how to properly manage diabetes. We help our patients avoid the more serious complications of the disease and enjoy a better quality of life.

Reppell Diabetes Clinic

The Reppell Diabetes Clinic is an outpatient hospital facility that equips patients with the skills and knowledge they need to independently care for diabetes offering both diabetes clinical services including continuous glucose monitoring, insulin pump instructions, and diabetes self-management education classes. Clinic visits may be scheduled at the patient's convenience. The diabetes education classes are open to patients and their families, so your loved ones can be prepared to act in case of an emergency.

The Reppell Diabetes Clinic is accredited by the American Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (ADCES) for quality self-management education. We do accept Medicare and most insurances.

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