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Women in Philanthropy

Women Who Support Baxter Health

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A community of women promoting the welfare of others with generous donations to Baxter Health.


To unite contributions from women in support of Baxter Health through a collective voice.


  • Cultivate a community of women as philanthropic leaders
  • Create a new substantial pool of money from women
  • Allocate funds based on majority preference
  • Celebrate the impact


Women in Philanthropy members are friends who recognize that women, as donors, make a tremendous impact on healthcare. This impact grows exponentially when the contributions from women are united in support of Baxter Health through a collective voice.

Women in Philanthropy was created by women in support of Baxter Health while, at the same time, encouraging women as philanthropic leaders.

Community health centers must have supporters who are continually looking for new and innovative ways to generate funding in support of the health system’s mission. Women in Philanthropy is one such group. Women in Philanthropy identifies timely opportunities at Baxter Health; particularly those with an emphasis on the enrichment of women’s lives, and together chooses how to direct the group’s pooled resources.

Criteria for Membership

Baxter Health Foundation’s Women in Philanthropy membership is open to all who support the work of Baxter Health. Membership requires a minimum commitment of $500 per year.

As a member, you will be invited to events planned for Women in Philanthropy, and though attendance is encouraged, it is not required.

Gift Types

In order for Women in Philanthropy to have funds available for annual awarding, cash gifts are required for membership. Cash gifts include checks, credit card payments and gifts of appreciated securities.

Matching gifts from your corporate employer count toward your total contributions for the year. Thus, if your annual gift totals $250 and your company matches your gift dollar for dollar, you will qualify for Women in Philanthropy membership.

Voting Privileges

The central activity of Women in Philanthropy is the distribution of funds annually to selected Baxter Health programs through a voting process.

As a member of Women in Philanthropy, you are entitled to vote for the program to which the annual grant will be awarded.

Voting will take place each year in January to distribute the previous year’s funds.


  • Collaborating with informed and empowered group of women that choose to enhance the lives in our community.
  • You get a vote! As a member of the group, your voice is equal to that of all other members regarding the programs to be funded.
  • Learning firsthand how your support makes a difference at Baxter Health.
  • Your contribution will be acknowledged in Baxter Health publications.
  • All donations are tax deductible, and 100% of your donation is used for the voted-on cause.

For more information about Women in Philanthropy, please contact Baxter Health Foundation at (870) 508-1770 or email