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Hospice Care

Compassionate End-of-Life Care

hospice of the ozarks

To make a referral or inquire about services available please call Hospice of the Ozarks at (870) 508-1771 or (800) 771-9596. Please visit our website at for more detailed information on our services.

Hospice of the Ozarks has been providing hospice care in North Central Arkansas since 1979, and as one of the pioneer Arkansas hospices, established by community volunteers and leaders, we believe that every individual is unique, special and worthy of quality end-of-life care.

Today, we offer not only comprehensive hospice care, we also offer pet therapy, massage therapy, “Pet Peace of Mind” program, bereavement care, and educational offerings on a wide-variety of topics. We also acknowledge and support Veterans admitted to our Hospice through the “We Honor Veterans” program.

Hospice of the Ozarks is a Medicare-certified organization and licensed with the State of Arkansas Department of Health and active with the Hospice & Palliative Care Association of Arkansas, National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization and the National Council of Hospice & Palliative Professionals.

As a not-for-profit and subsidiary organization of the Baxter Health, there has never been a charge to our patients or their families for hospice care and this commitment remains a part of our mission. The only exception is if the patient/family chooses to rent a room as a residential patient at our Hospice House. We are able to provide quality services because of the community’s dedication and commitment to support our mission, and we are very grateful for that support.

Home Care

The Hospice of the Ozarks Medical Director guides the medical professionals in offering the best quality care to each patient and their family. Our medical director works in conjunction with the patient's attending physician (if applicable) and together directs the patient's plan of care.

The staff includes:

  • Nurses provide direct patient care and support to caregivers. They are highly trained and work closely with the patient’s physician to provide effective pain and symptom management. Hospice nurses are not private duty or "shift" nurses. They schedule their visits and maintain contact with the patient and the caregiver on a regular basis. In addition, nurses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to all emergencies, questions, and concerns.
  • Social workers provide emotional support to the patient and their family, while also providing a comprehensive list of resources available to the patient and their family while they face end-of-life care. Our social workers also provide group and individual counseling along the journey for both the patient and their family.
  • Chaplains provide spiritual support and care to the patient and their family. If the patient has a church family, with the patient's permission, our chaplains provide a bridge of communication to the patient's clergy and church family. Hospice of the Ozarks believes each individual is a spiritual being and by offering support and spiritual care to the patient, they can face end-of-life with peace and assurance.
  • Hospice aides provide direct personal care to the patient. This can be anything from bathing, personal grooming, dressing and more. The hospice aide can also provide light housekeeping in the immediate area in which the patient is residing in order to promote the best possible environment for the patient.
  • Volunteers who provide care and support to the patient and their family are trained individuals who have gone through extensive training provided by the professional staff of Hospice of the Ozarks. Each volunteer supporting patients and their families also have had reference checks conducted, an annual TB screening, background checks and personal interviews. Each volunteer serves in specific areas such as providing respite relief and care for the caregivers, running errands, staying with the patient, assisting our staff, and so much more.

Inpatient Unit-Hospice House

In addition, Hospice of the Ozarks offers General Inpatient, Respite and Residential care at the only 12-bed inpatient unit (Hospice House) located at 774 Long Street in Mountain Home, AR. Nurses are available 24 hours a day to provide specialize care to the patient who requires increased medical services due to pain and/or symptoms that are difficult to manage in the residential environment. Hospice aides also assist in the patient’s personal care needs and volunteers perform a wide-variety of services to the patient, their family and the Hospice House.

Hospice House offers three levels of care:

  • Acute inpatient care for those who have problems with pain and symptom control which cannot be managed in their own home environment.
  • Respite care to relive caregivers
  • Routine residential care to patients who choose to make Hospice House their temporary residence. There is a daily room and board fee for residential care.

Who May Receive Hospice Care?

  • Any person who has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, and has been given a prognosis of six months or less by a physician.
  • Individuals who are choosing comfort care/symptom control and are no longer seeking aggressive/curative treatment.
  • Patients whose primary care physician agrees that hospice care is appropriate and that he/she will continue to direct the care of the patient.
  • Patients who reside in the service area of Hospice of the Ozarks and desire the services of hospice care.


Referrals to Hospice of the Ozarks may be made by anyone, including but not limited to:

  • Physicians
  • Discharge Planners
  • Social Workers
  • Patients
  • Family Members
  • Nursing Homes
  • Friends
  • Clergy

Referrals to Hospice of the Ozarks may come from anyone, but the patient’s consent and attending physician’s authorization are required for admission. If a patient meets the medical guidelines, they are eligible to receive hospice care. It is up to the physician's judgment when determining the normal course of an illness and when making a prognosis of six months or less.

Hospice of the Ozarks is committed to providing hospice care to anyone, of any age, with any illness regardless of their ability to pay.

Grief & Loss Support

One of the important services of Hospice of the Ozarks is the wide range of bereavement and grief support services to not only the families of the hospice patient, but also to anyone in North Central Arkansas coping with the death and loss of someone important at no cost to them. The bereavement services is provided to bring awareness to the growing number of individuals living with grief will have services available to them as they cope, heal and move forward in their journey.

Bereavement support to each family of the hospice patient is offered at a minimum of 12 months after the death of their loved one. The support consists of:

  • Phone Calls
  • Individual Contact
  • Support Groups
  • Grief individualized counseling
  • Memorial Celebration of Life Ceremony
  • Literature, and books in a timely manner in correspondence with the time frame of the loss, and companionship.

One of the unique services we offer is the fact all of these services are also available to anyone in the community living with grief at no cost to them. Not everyone dies with hospice care due to sudden tragedy, suicide, homicide, and not using hospice services for a variety of reasons. For us, it’s not about what brought you to the moment of grief, but rather, that you receive the support and companionship during the course of your journey and this is the core of our mission.

We have qualified and experienced bereavement personnel to journey with you as you make your way through the wilderness of grief and loss.

Community Education

Hospice of the Ozarks is available to speak to any size group on a wide-range of topics. Some of our many topics include:

  • Caregiving Tips
  • When a Co-Worker Dies
  • Hospice Care 101
  • Healing from Grief
  • Myths & Realities of Hospice
  • Advanced Directives, and why should I have them?
  • 29 questions to ask any Hospice organization
  • Stress Management during times of caregiving
  • How to volunteer with Hospice

Topics can be customized to fit your group, church, Sunday School class, civic organization, business or organization.

If you would like a speaker or to receive any information, please email Greg Wood, Executive Director, or call (870) 508-1771 or stop by our offices at 811 Burnett Drive in Mountain Home, AR.

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