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Mobile Mammography Unit

Providing Breast Imaging Services throughout Arkansas and Missouri

Mobile Mammography Unit

For more information on hosting the MMU or for scheduling information, call (800) 485-1745.
To find out when the MMU will be at a host location near you,
click here to visit the MMU online calendar.

Baxter Health is home to the first Mobile Mammography Unit in the United States to have 3-D digital mammography technology on board!

In January, 2001, the original Mobile Mammography Unit (MMU) of Baxter Health began traveling throughout North Central Arkansas in order to provide mammography to an underserved population in outlying rural areas.

When it became necessary to purchase a new MMU after nearly 12 years, Baxter Health became the first in the United States to house the 3-D digital mammography technology in a mobile setting. The Mobile Mammography Unit travels to 11 counties that Baxter Health serves, but now with the latest in technology on board!

3-D Mammography Brought To Your Local Area

3-D digital mammography provides the best available technology for early detection, allowing physicians to spot potential concerns in a way never before possible. The quality of 3-D digital mammography is far superior to analog, according to Dr. Kyle McAlister, Medical Director of Mammography at Baxter Health. 3-D images allow radiologists to see subtle changes that could be missed with conventional analog or digital mammography.

Who We Serve

The MMU travels to Baxter, Marion, and Izard counties; parts of Fulton, Searcy, Sharp and Stone counties in Arkansas; and Ozark county in Missouri.

The MMU enables Baxter Health to provide an alternative screening method to residents of the Twin Lakes area and to increase the awareness and utilization of early-detection screenings for breast cancer.

Facilities interested in hosting the MMU must:

  • Provide their own personnel to schedule patients. A patient list must be faxed to Baxter Health three days prior to the scheduled visit.
  • Provide an adequate, level space to park the MMU.
  • Provide adequate parking for patients.
  • Provide restroom facilities for patients and MMU staff.
  • Provide detailed directions to the facility, including where to park the MMU.
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