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VISIONAIRE Cutting Guides

What is VISIONAIRE Precision Cutting Guidance?

Shorter, Less-invasive, Customized Surgery

You are an extremely unique person and just like your fingerprints, you are one of a kind - which is why every VISIONAIRE Cutting Guide is designed to be just as unique as you. Your implant has been shaped to mirror the natural shape of a healthy knee. The back, or inner surfaces, of your implant consist of several flat surfaces which come together at precise angles.

However, the process of shaping your bones to tightly fit these angles can be very complex, invasive and time-consuming because no two knee joints are exactly the same.

VISIONAIRE Cutting Guides reduce the number of steps required to perform total knee replacement surgery and eliminate the need to insert guide rods into the thigh bone, both of which potentially shorten the amount of time a patient spends in the operating room and reduce some of the associated risks.

With the rise of robotic-assisted surgery in the field of Orthopaedics, it is important to understand that world-class Orthopaedic technology and care does not need robotic assistance - which is why Baxter Health Orthopaedists prefer VISIONAIRE Cutting Guidance in knee replacement cases over robotic-arm assistance. Data suggests that robotic-assisted knee replacements actually have LONGER procedure times, HIGHER cost to patient on average, and SHORTER recovery windows.

It is important to note that VISIONAIRE Cutting Guides do not change the basic premise of total knee replacement. To reconstruct the joint's functionality, your surgeon will remove the damaged bone and soft tissue from your knee and replace them with specially designed and tested components. VISIONAIRE Cutting Guides allow your surgeon to select and position your new implant based on your unique anatomy before even stepping into the operating room.

VISIONAIRE Cutting Guides provide a truly personalized solution to your surgeon to bridge the gap between the precisely engineered implant and your unique anatomy. This provides an actual custom-fit procedure that is shorter and less invasive with a faster and less painful recovery, leading to improved implant longevity.

VISIONARE Cutting Guide Process

The inner shape of the cutting guide matches the outer shape of your bones. This hand-in-glove fit allows surgeons to make the precise bone cuts needed to position the knee implant in the optimal alignment.

  1. Diagnostics: Your Orthopaedic Surgeon will perform a diagnostic evaluation which will determine your need for a total knee replacement.
  2. MRI: A short 8-10 minute MRI scan is performed several weeks in advance of your surgery date.
  3. X-Ray: A full leg standing X-ray is also performed in conjunction with your MRI.
  4. Upload Data: Your MRI and X-ray results are sent to the production facility to begin the design process of your VISIONAIRE Cutting Guides.
  5. Pre-op Planning: A detailed plan of your surgery indicating your specific size is sent to your Surgeon for review prior to your surgery date.
  6. Manufacturing: Your Cutting Guides are manufactured at a Smith & Nephew facility and then shipped directly for your surgery.
  7. Surgery: The Cutting Guides designed specifically for you are utilized for your procedure.
  8. Recovery: After your surgery, your Surgeon will provide you with details surrounding your recovery.


Faster, less-painful recovery

Along with a shorter, less-invasive procedure, other benefits may include the potential for a shorter hospital stay and less soft tissue disruption, resulting in a faster road to recovery and less time in rehabilitation.

Implant Longevity

Just like the tires on your car, accurately aligning an implant can help its performance and extend its longevity.

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