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Baxter Health Auxiliary Members Appointed to Arkansas Hospital Auxiliary Association Board

Baxter Health Auxiliary Members Appointed to Arkansas Hospital Auxiliary Association Board

Baxter Health has always had one of the most reliable Auxiliaries in the State of Arkansas. Deemed the beloved “Yellow Army,” Baxter Health simply wouldn’t provide the same patient experience without Auxiliary Volunteers. We are thrilled to announce that 2 of the 5 positions on the Arkansas Hospital Auxiliary Association Board belong to Baxter Health Auxiliary members, with a third member having a board-appointed position, proving that Baxter Health is not only remarkably proactive in their local community, but also providing leadership at the state and even national level.

Judy Shaffer is the President of the AHAA for 2023 and currently serves on the board of the Arkansas Hospital Association. As President of the AHAA, her duties will include traveling the State of Arkansas visiting other AHAA Auxiliaries to get firsthand knowledge of each Auxiliary’s legislative needs in which to implement. She will also be traveling to Washington D.C. to meet other State Auxiliary presidents, as well as our United States Legislative bodies. Judy has a long service record in the Baxter Health Auxiliary, ranging from Pink-A-Dilly and Bargain Box cashiering and bookkeeping to her current position of Baxter Health Auxiliary Board Ways and Means Committee Chair.

Jennifer Baker has been installed as the 2023 AHAA Secretary. As most secretaries, she will be responsible for accurate record-keeping and see that the information is disbursed as required. As an elected member of the Board, she will have voting privileges.

Carolyn Rice, current Baxter Health Auxiliary Treasurer, will take the President-appointed position of Historian. Historians receive correspondence from all AHAA Auxiliaries and compile a scrapbook to be presented to the AHAA President at the end of her term.

The objective of the AHAA is to improve patient care in Arkansas hospitals by assisting in the organization of local hospital auxiliaries, promoting the development of existing hospital auxiliaries, providing services and acting as a coordinating body for its members, and by supporting the Arkansas Hospital Association and the American Hospital Association.

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