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Skeleton Anatomy Model Donated by Patient and Former Nurse at Baxter Regional Medical Center

Skeleton Anatomy Model Donated by Patient and Former Nurse at Baxter Regional Medical Center

Linda, a patient and former nurse at Baxter Regional, donated the funds necessary for a life-sized skeleton anatomy model.

Earlier this month, Linda McAllister, a physical therapy patient at Baxter Regional Medical Center, was receiving treatment when she saw a need for better teaching tools; ways to visibly teach where and why patients needed specific physical therapy treatments. That’s when she partnered with physical therapists and other staff members to purchase a life-sized skeleton anatomy model.

This model, which accurately identifies the body's bones and ligaments that may be causing issues with physical therapy patients, can now be used in sessions to demonstrate the movement of the body and how bones and joints should interact with each other. This has become a valuable tool for Baxter Regional physical therapists.

“I watched Jason, [Jason Smith, MS, PT, a Baxter Regional physical therapist], using his hands to explain the treatment,” said Linda, the donor of the model. “I realized that maybe I could help out here.”

Baxter Regional Physical Therapy has been excited to use this in their daily treatments and have found it to be a much easier way to teach patients when describing the various treatments they provide. Dennis Tindall, MS, PT, Director of Rehab Services, has shown his gratitude and is proud to continue to provide excellent care to every patient, every time.

Donors like Linda are important to Baxter Regional Medical Center. If you would like to donate, please contact the Baxter Regional Hospital Foundation at (870) 508-1770, or visit

Baxter Regional Physical Therapy is located just inside the Main Entrance of Baxter Regional Medical Center at 624 Hospital Drive, Mountain Home, Arkansas. For questions or appointments, please call (870) 508-1560.