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Baxter Regional Patient Portal Enrollment Form

Helping Patients Monitor Their Health Online

Invitations to participant in the Baxter Regional Patient Portal will be presented in admissions when you visit Baxter Regional for any service. To ensure patient privacy and security, invitations to participate in the online patient portal are only issued in person, not online or over the phone.

Click here to download the Baxter Regional Patient Portal enrollment form.

After you register to become a user, we'll request confirmation via email and you’ll have the opportunity to create an individualized, secure, and personal login. The 4 digit PIN you provide on the form will allow you to create your account. Once logged in, patients can access their online medical record.

Trouble claiming your email invitation? Call the Baxter Regional Patient Portal Help Line at (870) 508-7777 or email

Trouble logging in to your account or having other technical issues? Call the 24/7 Cerner HealtheSupport Call Center at (877) 621-8014.