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Baxter Regional Patient Portal FAQs

Helping Patients Learn About Baxter Regional Patient Portals

The Baxter Regional Patient Portal is an innovative system that allows patients to access parts of their health records from remote locations. Using it, patients can view their lab results along with a brief summary of their medication, allergies, and general health condition. This system provides patients with the opportunity to access their healthcare wherever there is internet, enabling them to know about their condition in depth.

If you are having trouble claiming your email invitation, call the Baxter Regional Patient Portal Help Line at (870) 508-7777 or email

If you are having trouble logging in to your account or other technical issues, call the 24/7 Cerner HealtheSupport Call Center at (877) 621-8014.

About Cerner Health

What is Cerner Health?

Cerner Health is an all-encompassing electronic health record, accessible to clinicians and doctors across all Baxter Regional locations can give you a safe and secure way to share, manage, and collect your health-related information. With Cerner Health, you can share your health information with doctors, family members, friends, and other members of your care team. It's your information - you control who has access and can modify that access at any time. Visit to learn more.

What is a Cerner Health Account?

A Cerner Health account gives you access to Baxter Regional Online Patient Portals. You must be invited by Baxter Health to create an account. An opportunity to receive an invitation will be extended at admissions, and you will be sent an email with a link to create your secure account and view data stored in your medical record at our hospital.

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Baxter Regional Patient Portal

How do I sign up for Baxter Regional Patient Portal?

Patients may self enroll in the Baxter Regional Patient Portal by filling out the Self Enrollment Form. Invitations to participant in the Baxter Regional Patient Portal will also be presented in Admissions when you visit the hospital for any service. You may click here to download the Baxter Regional Patient Portal Participation Request Form, and bring completed form with you to admissions. An invitation to enroll in Baxter Regional Patient Portal will be emailed to you within 10 business days.

What if I haven't received my invite email yet?

Please make sure to check your junk mail or spam folders in your email account. If you still can't find it, please call (870) 508-7777 to verify your email address and resend the invitation.

How will Baxter Regional Patient Portal benefit my healthcare?

Baxter Regional Patient Portals will allow you to go online to view lab results and see a summary of immunizations, allergies, medications, and medical issues.

Can I view a family member's health record in the Baxter Regional Patient Portal?

Proxy access is not available at this time but will be available soon.

What lab results will be viewable in the Baxter Regional Patient Portal?

A majority of common lab test results will be accessible in the Baxter Regional Patient Portals, with the exceptions of sensitive results. These include but are not limited to STD screenings, HIV, radiology, microbiology, pathology, some cancer markers, drug abuse, alcohol, and pregnancy-related results.

When will I see my lab results?

Lab results will be delivered into the Baxter Regional Patient Portal 36 hours
after your electronic medical records log the results.

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