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Baxter Regional to Change Name to Baxter Health

Baxter Regional to Change Name to Baxter Health

Baxter Regional Medical Center announced this week that it will now be known as Baxter Health as part of a new branding strategy. The new branding strategy will simplify things for patients while also migrating the organization towards a more inclusive health system for the 11 counties it serves.

“Over the past several months, alongside our branding partner Magnetic, we have conducted thousands of hours of research, interviews, surveys, workshops, focus groups, and studies. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, but the consistent theme was that this organization is now much bigger than just a regional medical center. The major insight we received was that our brand needed to be positioned for future success in order to draw in the next generation of doctors, nurses, and staff, but should not lose sight of the Baxter legacy and heritage that has made it great. Baxter Health represents the next generation of healthcare in North Central Arkansas,” said Tobias Pugsley, Director of Marketing.

There was concern that the name Baxter Health would create confusion in a market where the global company Baxter Healthcare was already present. Research showed that Baxter Healthcare makes products for the healthcare industry while Baxter Health focuses on your personal health and wellness. This will become more obvious as the brand rolls out to all 11 counties over the next three to five years.

“The entire new branding strategy is driven around the new mission and purpose which serve as a guide for the new brand. A new set of eight core values outlines how the Baxter Health Family exemplifies the Baxter Difference, specifically through patient interaction in order to provide compassionate care beyond measure,” said Ron Peterson, President/CEO.

“We want the communities we serve to understand we have not sold. This change is to simplify things for patients and to migrate towards a more inclusive health system for the 11 counties that we serve. The new mission, purpose, values, and branding will begin rolling out immediately; however, the entire transition is expected to take three to five years in order to be financially responsible,” said Barney Larry, VP/Business Development and Executive Director, Baxter Regional Hospital Foundation.

Baxter Health will not lose sight of its legacy of providing compassionate care and will remain independent. The organization will continue to provide a broad range of services and specialties in an effort to exemplify our purpose to champion access to compassionate high-quality care by remaining independent, strategically comprehensive, and community-focused. For more information, visit