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Role of a Chaplain

Spiritual Care in North Central Arkansas and Baxter County

To meet the diverse needs of our patients and visitors, our chaplains provide spiritual counsel to people of all faiths, or those without faith who would like to speak with someone. Whatever spiritual background you come from, our chaplains are happy to speak with you and help you come to a fuller understanding of your current situation.

Our versatile chaplains offer a variety of support services and roles including:

  • Listening to concerns is at the heart of the chaplain’s practice. Chaplains listen with respect and without judgment.
  • Providing emotional and spiritual support for patients, as well as support for patients’ family and friends.
  • Respecting patients’ religious traditions and spiritual practices.
  • Offering comfort in times of spiritual distress and anxiety.
  • Participating in family conferences with the medical team upon request.
  • Helping with conversations about end-of-life decisions.
  • Joining patients and families in prayer.
  • Helping loved ones cope with loss.

Chaplains offer a comforting presence in times of distress, for patients, families, and hospital staff. Whether you have religious questions, physical concerns, or a need to reflect or pray, we will be there for you.