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Baxter Health Awards 2022 Kerr Scholarships

Baxter Health Awards 2022 Kerr Scholarships
Those in attendance at a ceremony on Tuesday, August 2, in honor of the 2022 Kerr Scholars include (standing, from left) Baxter Health President and CEO Ron Peterson, Madison Hershberger, Makenzie Cole, Abigail Wilkie, Reid Barrow, and Baxter Health VP/Business Development and Foundation Executive Director Barney Larry, (seated, from left) Macllain Edington, Dr. Robert L. Kerr, Erica Olson, and Sydney Blevins.

The Kerr Scholarship, an annual scholarship named in honor of former long-time Mountain Home resident and physician Dr. Robert L. Kerr, has been awarded to seventeen medical and dental students in the Baxter Health service area. The Kerr Scholarship was created in 2009 to assist such students with tuition expenses tied to their higher education, with the goal of encouraging the return of our Kerr Scholars to the Baxter Health service area shortly after their graduation and accreditation, as several have.

Baxter Health hosted a ceremony at Chenal Country Club in Little Rock on Tuesday, August 2, 2022. Baxter Health’s Physician Recruiter, Janette Iglehart, welcomed the scholars to the event, and Baxter Health update was presented by President and CEO, Ron Peterson. Barney Larry, VP of Business Development and Baxter Regional Hospital Foundation Executive Director, introduced Dr. Kerr who then presented the awarded checks to the 2022 Kerr Scholars.

This year we are proud to announce that the recipients of the Kerr Scholarship are Forrest Arnold, Reid Barrow, Sydney Blevins, Claire Gist Bradberry, Makenzie Cole, Cara Conner, Linnsey Dunavan, Macllain Edington, Madison Hershberger, Abe Kilgore, Erica Mathis, Erica Olson, Meredith Polaskey, Julia Snodgrass, Kate Vawter, Abigail Wilkie, and Maggie McAlister.

The Kerr Scholarship is funded by Baxter Regional Hospital Foundation and is presented annually to a selected group of scholars. Larry described the scholarship as “a way to honor a wonderful man and great physician, Dr. Robert L. Kerr, who served our community for many years.”

For scholarship eligibility, students must provide proof of enrollment in an accredited medical program that would bring them to a degree of Medical Doctor or Doctor of Osteopathy. Dental programs leading to degrees in Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Medicine are also eligible for scholarship. Whether medical or dental, the applicant must demonstrate residency within the Baxter Health service area, which include Baxter, Marion, Fulton, Izard, Sharp, Stone, Searcy. Boone, and Newton Counties in Arkansas, as well as Ozark and Howell Counties in Missouri.

For further information regarding this scholarship, contact Iglehart by phone at (870) 508-1010 or email at