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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does EASE work?

Family members can download the app for FREE from either the Apple or Android Store to their own mobile device. By following a simple registration process, a unique access code is generated which is then scanned by the healthcare professional and a secure connection is made. Soon you will be receiving updates directly from the operating room.

Can I add other people to receive updates?

Yes! The Patient/Consenting Authority can add additional recipients to receive updates on the surgery. During the registration process you simply select them from your contacts and a pre-made text invitation is sent to them with instructions to join in the updates. Once these individuals are selected nobody else can be added.

When will the invited friends and family receive the text invitation?

The text message inviting them to join EASE will be sent after the medical provider scans the Patient/Consenting Authority’s phone at the hospital. Once scanned, the Patient/Consenting Authority simply presses “continue” on the app and the message is automatically sent on Android. On iOS simply press “Send” when the text message screen appears.

Is the EASE app safe?

EASE uses 256-bit encryption to protect all communications when they are on your device or traveling over the internet. This is the same level of security banks and credit cards use to protect your information. EASE also abides by the same health care regulations (HIPAA and HITECH) that your hospital uses to keep your protected health information safe. Learn more about our security.

Is anything saved on my device?

No. All texts, photos, and videos disappear after 60 seconds of viewing them. Nothing is saved on your device. Learn how it works.

What if I get disconnected?

If you get disconnected please check your WIFI, LTE, 4G or 3G connection. The app will automatically reconnect once you have an internet connection. You can also try to flick the app closed and reopen. Double click your home button on iOS to see all your open apps to do this. Do not delete EASE once you are connected or you will not be able to get reconnected.

How do I know if my doctor participates in EASE?

Talk to your doctor and ask them if they participate in EASE. Ask them what kind of updates you will receive and enjoy the experience of never leaving your loved one’s side.

What does EASE cost?

EASE is FREE for patients and their families and friends. EASE is brought to you by your hospital. Contact us to learn pricing for your hospital.

Who will send the updates?

The hospital will designate a clinical staff member to keep you updated throughout the procedure on your loved one.

How often will I receive updates?

Updates will occur at the discretion of the clinical staff.

Can I communicate back with the person sending messages?

No. EASE is one-way communication from the clinician to you.

Are the messages sent stored somewhere?

All EASE messages are either saved on a secure HIPAA compliant server or deleted at the discretion of the hospital facility.

Will my information be used for marketing?

No. EASE will not collect your information and sell, distribute or use for marketing purposes.

What happens if I miss an update?

EASE is dependent on your wifi connection/3G/4G/LTE connection. If you are in a poor reception area you may not receive updates or the app may not work properly. Please make sure you have a valid connection to the internet or your data plan and you will receive updates. If you feel you missed an update please speak with your medical provider.

Can I change the types of updates I receive once it has started?

No. Once the session is started all settings are locked and it cannot be changed.

Information obtained from, 2021
Updated June 2021