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The Man Behind the Curtain

The Man Behind the Curtain

Observing Baxter Regional Medical Center, a lot of patient-facing elements come into focus very quickly. From the volunteers offering a cheerful greeting and assistance at the front door to the compassionate nurses attending to patients to the myriad physicians making their rounds, itis a scene of efficiency and organization. One critical element of the award-winning operations here is something you may not think about, but without whom things would rapidly devolve into chaos. That element is Ancillary Services, which consists of roughly 540 employees in multiple departments that provide support services to the health system, capably guided by Baxter Regional’s new Vice President, Anthony Reed.

Reed, who recently took over as VP/Ancillary Services after nine years serving as director of Baxter Regional Acute Inpatient Rehab Unit, leads a team responsible for ensuring smooth operations of the health system. Departments that make up Ancillary Services ensure that patients have the medications needed, that the hospital has power in an outage that the hospital meets their high standards for cleanliness, and that patients have access to pain management, wound care, outpatient therapy services, radiology and lab services. From quality food service and hospital security to ensuring COVID-19 patients receive the best cardiopulmonary care possible, these are all things accomplished by the hospital’s Ancillary Services. It’s a massive responsibility made up of many moving parts. But for Reed, who began his career in the fast paced, change direction on a dime world of nursing, the pace and variety of his work are what he finds the most appealing. “I’ve always been able to keep a level head and not get worked up in stressful situations,” he said.

“What really drove me to leadership was the example set by the leaders I have had here and the positive impact it had on me personally and professionally, and I have always strived to model those servant leader traits. I know the impact great leaders have had on me, and I want to do that for those I lead. “Ultimately everything Ancillary Services does touches the patient in some way. Improving patient and employee environments is what has always driven me, from my time at the bedside to leadership. “My philosophy has always been that I take care of the people that take care of our patients. If I take great care of my team, great patient care and outcomes will be the result, and this has proven true time and again over my career. I have a great group of directors, most of which I have worked with for years, so there is already trust and respect between us, and I look forward to continuing to work with this talented team in a new capacity.”

A Mountain Home native, Reed began his career at Baxter Regional as a nursing assistant in 2008 while attending nursing school. He has remained loyal and committed to the health system and admits, “We have something special here.” “It’s the culture that we’ve built that starts at the C Suite and goes to the bedside and everywhere between,” he said. “Everyone believes in and lives out our mission, vision, values, and especially our purpose of remaining independent.”

When not at work, Reed has a full family life. He and his wife Vanessa graduated high school together and have been married for15 years. They spend their free time with their four children, Parker, 16, Kynlee Grace, 11, Dyllan, 8, and Sadie Claire, 2.