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Managing Diabetes & Cancer

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  • Event Type:Peitz Cancer Support House
Details: It is important to properly manage diabetes during cancer treatment. Cancer and cancer treatment can bring about metabolic changes that cause or aggravate symptoms of diabetes, and high blood sugar levels brought on by diabetes can weaken the immune system, which needs to be strong to fight cancer. Likewise, diabetes could potentially delay cancer treatment or increase the risk of infection during treatment.

For more info about managing diabetes and cancer, join us at the Peitz Cancer Support House on Wednesday, January 8th at noon. Jan Halligan, RD, LD, CDE of Reppell Diabetes Learning Center, will be discussing the strong link between diabetes and different types of cancer.

The event is open to anyone. Call the PCSH at (870) 508-CARE (2273) to register.

Contact Information:

(870) 508-CARE (2273)

  • Price: Free
  • Registration Instructions: Peitz Cancer Support House