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Competitive Compensation

Baxter Health is proud to offer our employees wages that are competitive within the health care industry. We are committed to paying our employees in ways that reward individual contribution, recognize exceptional performance, and encourage professional development. Our human resources team constantly works to ensure that we are providing our employees with competitive pay. **New starting wages for employees now at $14.50 and up, depending on position and experience.

Every job at Baxter Health is assigned to a pay range with minimum and maximum pay levels that define what the hospital pays for the job. The pay ranges are periodically updated to reflect market trends for comparable jobs. Although we do not post pay ranges, our market analyses ensure that the compensation paid is fair and competitive. Within each pay range, there is flexibility to compensate employees competitively and equitably based on their demonstrated job competencies and performance contributions.

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Medical, Dental, Vision Care, Rx


At Baxter Health, our medical insurance benefit is self-funded, which means that we pay for plan benefits and administrative expenses directly from our general assets. We offer competitive deductibles and copay rates, providing excellent health benefits for our employees. For services provided at Baxter Health, we offer incredibly high coverage, enabling our staff to benefit directly from the high-quality medical care offered right in their hometown.


In addition to medical services, we offer an excellent dental plan. This enables our employees to pay less for their dental care, and have lower deductibles when interacting with dental care providers who are part of this network.


Baxter Health also offers a competitive vision plan that covers a variety of services within-network, allowing our employees to enjoy a higher quality of life and reducing the costs that they must pay. This includes examinations and also provides discounts for more expensive lens options, and offers a discount on laser-surgery for vision correction.


Thanks to our in-house employee pharmacy, Baxter Health is able to offer a powerful Prescription Drug Program to help our employees reduce the cost of their prescription medications.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Baxter Health offers a series of Flexible Spending Accounts, which can be used to pay eligible medical or dependent care expenses after receiving contributions. These accounts include a medical spending account, which can be used to reimburse for health care expenses, and dependent care account, which can be used to reimburse you for child care expenses. Eligible medical expenses for these accounts cover the vast majority of expenses one can expect to incur for medically required procedures.

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Critical Illness & Accident Insurance

At Baxter Health, we believe in providing the highest quality of healthcare for both our patients and our employees. We offer Critical Illness Insurance, which protects your family and assets from financial difficulties that would arise from serious health problems, such as cancer, a stroke, or heart attack. This insurance plan enables you to provide for your family by paying a lump sum benefit directly to you at the first diagnosis of a covered condition. This allows you to spend your money on what matters most, rather than having the payment work immediately to cover the costs of medical treatment.

Additionally, Accident Insurance is also offered to our employees, granting you help with expenses and bills that would come from an accidental injury suffered while away from work, no matter the severity. This insurance can pay a lump-sum benefit based on the injury suffered and the treatment needed, including emergency room care, X-rays, and related surgeries. This can help offset other expenses that insurance does not pay, such as deductibles and copays. Finally, the policy can pay you a small annual wellness benefit when you complete a covered health screening.

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Income Protection Plan

Baxter Health offers Short Term and Long Term Disability plans. Employees are automatically enrolled in the Short Term disability plan at no cost to the employee once they qualify. This enables you to remain financially secure in the event of disability, granting the peace of mind needed for faster recovery. Baxter Health's Long Term Disability plan is also granted free of charge, but employees have the option to purchase an additional quantity of insurance, increasing the ratio of pay granted in the event of disability.

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Paid Time Off

Baxter Health provides a generous PTO program for our employees, which enables time for vacations, holidays, personal emergencies, brief illness, and other approved absences from work.

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Retirement Plan

Baxter Health offers a retirement plan that matches and exceeds the contributions of our employees in order to build their retirement portfolio. The Baxter Health retirement plan helps employees build their retirement by investing pre-tax contributions through payroll deductions into the plan.

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Professional Development

Baxter Health is committed to providing professional development and educational opportunities for all employees. In support of this commitment, Baxter Health offers its employees both clinical and non-clinical training, as well as several scholarship opportunities and student loan repayment (for eligible positions). Employees are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities so they can enhance their knowledge and grow within the organization.

For detailed information regarding available scholarships, the selection process, and application deadlines, please visit or contact Kim Beavers, HR Recruiter in the Human Resources Department at (870) 508-1070.

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Educational Assistance

Through the employee educational assistance fund and several endowments, Baxter Health offers a number of scholarships, each with its own eligibility criteria. For detailed information regarding available scholarships, the selection process, and application deadlines, please visit or contact Kim Beavers, HR Recruiter in the Human Resources Department at (870) 508-1070.

Baxter Health also provides financial relief to employees with outstanding debts due to educational loans. To be eligible employees must meet time in service requirements and other criteria.

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Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program is a hospital-funded counseling service offered to all employees and immediate family members. Baxter Health offers up to six paid visits with a counselor, and confidentiality is maintained. For more information, please contact the Human Resources Department.

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Employee Discounts

Being an employee at Baxter Health has its perks! The Baxter Health Employee Concierge Service program offers employees cost-saving discounts for the following:

  • On-site Package Delivery Services
  • On-site Automobile Detailing and Oil Change
  • On-site delivery of Neighbor's Mill Bread and bakery items
  • On-site delivery of Bomb Nutrition Mega Prep Teas
  • On-site Laundry and Dry Cleaning pick-up/delivery
  • Wireless Services
  • Rental Cars
  • Hotel and Lodging
  • Retail Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Vision Providers
  • Golfing
  • Miscellaneous services
  • and so much more!

Employees must display their employee ID badge to receive discounts. Contact the Baxter Health Concierge Services Department for detailed information at (870) 508-4444.

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