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Solar Eclipse 2024

The celestial calendar is gearing up for a rare phenomenon, the solar eclipse of April 8, 2024. At Baxter Health, we're not just looking to the skies with awe; we're also setting our sights on the practical implications this event poses to our employees and the community at large. This long-awaited cosmic event brings an unprecedented surge of visitors, and as valued members of the Baxter family, you must be equipped with the knowledge to adapt to the eclipse's far-reaching effects on your personal and professional life.

The Path of Totality: More Than Just a Spectacle

Imagine bearing witness to the falling of the Sun while standing directly in the shadow of the Moon. It's an awe-inspiring sight, but for us at Baxter Health, it means much more. Our primary location is within the path of totality, and we are preparing for a visitor influx equivalent to half of Arkansas’ population.

Nearly 1.5 million or more are expected to visit, crowding local roads and occupying every hotel room and resort. This visitation surpasses that of any previous event, and it will test the resources of our community, infrastructure, and undoubtedly, our preparedness. For months now our team has been working with local stakeholders, first responders, and government entities to secure resources and manage the expected surge in demand. While we hope the disruption is minimal, we want to be prepared for whatever might unfold as a result.


The anticipated increase in on-site activities may strain our existing infrastructure. From power consumption to parking, we will have to be nimble and able to scale to ensure operation continuity.

Working Through Disruptions

Please plan for travel disruptions that could potentially leave some stranded far from work or prevent you from getting home. The team is working to secure on-site quarters for those employees stranded. With highways predicted to be clogged and off-the-beaten-path travel advised against, getting to and from work may be more complicated than usual.

Phone and Internet Systems Could Be Overwhelmed

With cell towers already being spotty at times, we may be in a situation where we lose the ability to communicate via phone. In that situation, please tune terrestrial radio to 97.9 where we will make emergency announcements if needed. If the internet is still available, we will share that information on our website and main Baxter Health Facebook Page.


For public awareness, we have been partnering with marketing, educational, and media stakeholders to lead an informational blitz that covers the eclipse and all aspects therein. Relying on a blend of traditional and digital media, we aim to disseminate additional information on the eclipse, visitor surge, and our community's response.

The solar eclipse of 2024 is more than a celestial showpiece; it's a monumental event that calls for strategic action and unyielding preparedness. At Baxter Health, we are committed to guiding our employees through this historic occasion with concise, informative, and actionable advice. Start your preparations, be part of the solution, and ensure that when the Sun hides, Baxter Health's people shine even brighter.

We are prepared for the solar eclipse and want everyone to remember that our hospital never closes, regardless of weather, road conditions, or even rare celestial events! While Baxter Health Med-Peds Clinic is open regular business hours, all other Baxter Health Clinics are closed on Monday, April 8.

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