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Safety Precautions

It's Our CARE Commitment.

How Baxter Health is keeping you safe:

  • A clean, secure environment for patient care.
  • Screening for COVID-19 symptoms at each open entrance.
  • Separate care areas for COVID-19 and non COVID-19 patients.
  • Everyone is required to wear a face covering or mask, regardless of symptoms. If you do not have one, one will be provided.
  • Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is available for all team members.
  • Sanitizing stations located throughout the facility.
  • Chairs in public spaces are marked for social distancing.
  • Frequent disinfecting and cleaning: Oxivir Disinfectant Wipes clean key pathogens in 60 seconds or less, reducing the risk of the spread of infection. These are a CDC-recommended cleaner for COVID-19.
  • Ultraviolet light surface cleansing: The Clorox Healthcare® Optimum-UV Enlight® System delivers a programmed dose of short-wavelength ultraviolet light (UV-C) to kill pathogens on surfaces.
  • Staggered appointments to minimize the amount of people in any given area.

Additional information from Baxter Health Clinics:

Safe Scheduling
When you call to schedule an appointment, we'll ask you questions about your health and any symptoms you may be experiencing. We'll collect additional information over the phone to reduce the amount of paperwork when you come in for a visit. Remember to wear a face covering or mask for your appointment. All patients, visitors and team members are required to wear a face covering or mask in all Baxter Health locations.

Safe Screeners
When you arrive at any Baxter Health location, you'll be greeted by a screener who will take your temperature, screen you for COVID-19, provide hand sanitizer for hand hygiene, and answer any questions you have about safety protocols.

Safe Check-In
For your safety, plexiglass shields or glass doors are in place at check-in or check-out areas. All registration areas will be thoroughly disinfected after each individual patient. We also have designated social distancing zones at our check-in window to allow for adequate space between patients.

Safe Lobbies
All lobbies and common areas, including high-touch items such as door handles, elevator buttons, tables and chairs, are cleaned and disinfected frequently throughout the day. All reading material and brochures have been removed from our lobbies, and seating capacity has been limited to align with social distancing guidelines. You may also choose to wait in your private vehicle after checking in if you'd prefer.

Safe Hands
Good hand hygiene is essential for all team members, patient and visitors. When you enter Baxter Health or any Baxter Health Clinic, you will be provided hand sanitizer. Multiple hand sanitizing stations will be available for additional use as needed.

Safe Exam Room
Baxter Health has always followed stringent cleaning protocols. For added safety, we have further enhanced these protocols for our patients' safety and peace of mind. Our exam rooms and procedure ares are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each patient visit. In addition, we're scheduling patient visits are reduced capacity at all of our locations to allow extra time for enhances cleaning between each patient encounter.

Safe Belongings
Your exam and procedure room will be cleaned before you enter; however, we understand you may prefer added protection for your clothes and other belongings. A single-use bag is available to hold your belongings during your visit if you'd like.

Safe Telehealth Visits
Our physician offices and specialists now offer telehealth for our patients. If you'd prefer to see your care provider from the comfort of your home, please call the provider clinic for more information.

Accessing Non COVID-19 Care

Surgeries and Procedures

  • Contact your physician to schedule.
  • You'll be screened for COVID-19 symptoms before procedures.
  • All patients scheduled for surgery will be tested for COVID-19.
  • Designated inpatient units available for non COVID-19 patients.

Cline Emergency Center

  • Do not delay seeking emergency care.
  • Emergency Services staff is ready for patients in need of care.

Women's Health


  • Contact your physician to make an appointment.
  • Many clinics are offering telehealth visits.

Imaging and Lab

  • Appointments are staggered throughout the day
  • Chairs in waiting areas are marked to allow social distancing.


  • Convenient and secure way to receive care.
  • Use a smart device or computer to video call.
  • Contact your physician's office for more information.
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